Rescheduling / Cancellation Policy and Change Fees:

If Ka Nui Charters & Tours (KNCT) cancels your charter due to conditions (not if you cancel, but if KNCT cancels), your charter is refunded and there is no future obligation. Since changes/cancellations made by guests less than 10 days in advance often result in additional costs or underutilized capacity, there are change fees for changing (rescheduling, changing date/time/reducing length of charter of group size, etc.) a sail less than 10 full days in advance, and for all cancellations made by guests. Reductions in group size that may change rates may be done free of charge up to 48 hours in advance if available. Change fees are listed below as a percentage of the full cost (including tax) of your scheduled sail with a $100 minimum:

Change/Cancel fees for Private Charters vary depending how many days in advance of your existing reservation the change/cancel is made by you:

$100 – 10 full days or more in advance

15% – 7 full days or more in advance (there is a $100 minimum for all fees)

30% – 72 hours or more in advance

50% – 48 hours or more in advance

75% – 24 hours or more in advance

100% – less than 24 hours in advance or no shows


Weather Policy:

Ka Nui Charters & Tours (KNCT) will decide if your charter will be cancelled or delayed due to current conditions and approaching systems using the current and predictive radar, as well as the marine forecast and actual observations for the intended/probable area of charter. We do sail in some scattered showers (feel free to take cover during showers), but not persistent rain. We will not begin a charter during an electrical storm, moderate rain, or if we believe that such approaching conditions will be unavoidable during a charter by altering course or returning to harbor. We ask you to think of it like a ballgame, a little rain during a couple innings, or delaying the game, doesn’t ruin the whole game. This decision will be made by KNCT as early as we are certain, and you will be notified immediately if we determine that the charter should be delayed or cancelled. In general, charters are not cancelled in advance of sail time unless we are certain that we will not charter based on the above criteria. While the weather forecast (advance or even hourly) may say there is a high chance of rain, this is very broad and may not affect the time of your charter or the area where your captain may sail, or could only result in a delay of your charter. If you do not show and conditions do allow for a sail, this will be considered a no-show and the no-show fee will apply (sorry, we just don’t want to be left standing on the dock with an empty boat that could be out on the water for a good time).

For all charters, KNCT reserves the right to cancel charters if KNCT believes that the conditions are not suitable, even if you believe they are. If KNCT cancels your charter (not if you cancel or no show), your deposit will be refunded and there is no future obligation.


By Purchasing your Charter:

I hereby agree that Ka Nui Charters & Tours may use film, voice, or photographic records of this sailing adventure trip for its promotional and/or commercial purposes. Upon the above terms, I understand the by the very nature, sporting activities like sailing involve an increased risk of personal injury. I agree to participate in this event and realize that I am personally responsible for my safety. That I will stay alert to the hazards of the sea and hereby waive, release and indemnify and hold harmless the Vessel and its owners, operators, and charterers, against and from any and all losses, damages, expenses (including attorney fees), claims, demands, causes of action or liabilities for personal injury, death, property or consequential damages of whatever kind and by whomever and wherever asserted arising out of, resulting from or related to my presence and/or activities on board or related to the Vessel and/or the Excursion Sail. I hereby expressly and voluntarily assume all risks in connection with said activities, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable. I further agree to indemnify the vessels and event organizers from all claims, demands, costs, or judgments arising out my own acts or omissions while participating in the above-referenced event. I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to agree to this affirmation and release; That this includes those in my party or family that I am paying their fare. That I understand the terms herein are contractual and not a mere recital; and that I hereby purchase said tickets on the conditions hereby provided. No charters can be purchased without this agreement in place.

If you do not agree to these terms, do not proceed with this transaction.